Shower in Lush

Shower in Lush

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Eight uplifting and fresh products to cleanse the body from head to toe. The perfect gift for the ultimate shower lover!

1. Montalbano shampoo bar = Time to shine with this lemon juice and rosemary shampoo

2. The Olive Branch shower gel = A bottle of Mediterranean sunshine, full of Fair Trade olive oil, fresh mandarin juice and bergamot

3. Happy Hippy shower gel = A grapefruit boost for your body and mind.

4. Dirty Springwash shower gel = A rapturous tingle of menthol crystals and a crisp breath of spearmint for your shower.

5. Outback Mate soap = An antibacterial trio of zingy eucalyptus, lemongrass and peppermint give this bar star quality.

6. Repeat orange foot balm = Apply on toenails, cracked heels and dry areas. Rub in and repeat until smooth and sorted. It won’t take long.

7. Lime Bounty body butter = Put the lime in the coconut and let your skin just drink it up.

8. Orange shower scrub = This sea salt scrub is packed with vitamin C rich orange and uplifting essential oils.

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