Sultana of Soap

Sultana of Soap

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Get your just desserts with a chunk of this creamy nougat-inspired soap, packed with antioxidant-rich apricots and exfoliating cranberries. Lather up for royally softening washes, thanks to this soap's hydrating coconut and rapeseed oils.

The base of our in-house, palm-oil-free soap is rapeseed oil and coconut oil. The coconut oil is sourced from a supplier working in Aceh, Indonesia, where the supplier supports farmers who are pressured by the palm industry to deforest their land and grow palm. Instead, they are supported to grow coconut in biodiversity friendly ways. They also have a number of wildlife support programmes, including protecting the spawning area of marine turtles.

How to use:
Lather up, rinse, and enjoy the luxuriously fruit aroma left lingering on skin.

How to store:
Keep this softening soap in a cool, dry place, like one of our soap dishes.

*occurs naturally in essential oils.


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