Symphony No. 6  Massage Gift

Symphony No. 6 Massage Gift

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Product Description

A symphony of six Lush massage bars to harmonise the mind and body. Organic Fair Trade cocoa butter, shea butter and fine fragrance have been expertly blended and hand decorated with champagne gold leaf to create this indulgent collection.

Download the Lush App on Android or iOS and scan the products inside this gift to explore exclusive massage routine videos. We will guide you through how to use these massage bars at home with help from Lush Spa’s therapists.

The massage bars in this gift are 35g each, smaller in size than our standard massage bars.

How to use:
Melt the bar directly onto dry skin and massage the oils and butters in. If the bar is cold, begin by warming between your hands to melt. Lush massage bars are generously oil-rich, so apply as much or as little as desired and re-apply as needed.

Melt warning:
Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. In very hot weather, store in fridge to avoid meltdowns.

What’s this gift made of?
Belly band: Made from 100% recycled materials, please recycle for a lush environment

Greaseproof paper insert: Please recycle.

Box: Made from 100% recycled board. This box features a fabric covered lid, made from the same recycled PET fabric we use for our Knot Wraps.

Petals: Your gift will be packed in Iranian rose buds and European sunflower petals.

Gift Contains :

35g Pink Bomb massage bar
When you get that ‘feeling’ reach for a tantalising fusion of sensual jasmine and ylang ylang. Aphrodisiac oils in an indulgent cocoa butter base ensure this massage bar really hits the spot.

35g Karma massage bar
Enjoy a meditative massage with this iconic spicy and stirring blend of free-spirited Brazilian orange, cleansing fir and earthy patchouli.

35g Lord of Misrule massage bar
Mischief for your muscles! Get down and earthy with mischievous black pepper, vanilla and regenerative Sumatran patchouli

35g True Romance massage bar
Irresistible rose scented massages await. The beautiful fragrance of the Lush Spa combined with argan oil and rose clay will leave you with a rosy glow!

35g Deep Sleep magnesium massage bar
Sleep... sweet sleep. Magnesium counts the sheep, lavender shakes the dreamland tree and from it falls sweet dreams for thee.

35g Turmeric Latte massage bar
Indulge in the rich scent of velvety vanilla, with creamy praline undertones. Sweet tonka absolute adds a touch of caramel. Delicious!

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