Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose

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Feel the love when you bathe in this rose scented duo of sweet, floral scented treats.

It’s your time to bloom.


100g Rose Jam bubbleroon
Heady scents of Pakistani rose and geranium provide serious flower power. Sweet and floral, just like you.

90g Black Rose bath bomb
A gothic love story, with an intoxicating perfume of geranium, lemon and rose.

What’s this ethical gift made of?
Ribbon: 100% recycled polyester made from recycled drinks bottles. The bottles are collected, then prepared and melted through what looks like a showerhead to make yarn. This is spooled onto a cone and sent to the UK, where it is woven into ribbon and then dyed.

Box: Made from 100% recycled board. 

Eco Pops: Your gift will be packed with these expanded starch biodegradable product protectors.



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