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You may have heard of the Goddess of Truth, sculpted by hand from clay, but can a goddess be handcrafted from ingredients you find in the Bath Bomb Kitchen? Lush inventor Jack Constantine and our compounders sure seem to think so…

We know the power of a good bath time which is why Goddess bath bomb was created to lift your body and mind to a higher plane using precious ingredients, heavenly fragrance and stunning visuals. It doesn’t take divine intervention to make this foamy fizzer, rather a crack team of compounders inside Lush manufacturing - read on to find out how!

The Bath Bomb Kitchen compounders pour celestial hues of lilac, silver and blue into a machine (think a supersized kitchen blender) to combine with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (the ingredients which provide the almighty fizz in our bath bombs). Other dreamy ingredients, including the holy trinity of moisturisation: Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter, shea butter and argan oil are added to give your bath water a touch of hydrating luxury.

Goddess bath bomb how it's made
Goddess in moulds

After everything is carefully blended together, it’s onto more pressing matters, quite literally. A team is assembled to shape the seductively scented powders into Goddess bath bomb, sprinkling each colour layer by layer into recyclable plastic moulds to create mesmerising swirls of colour. If you go into the Bath Bomb Kitchen at this time, the heady smells of jasmine absolute alongside the rich and dark notes of sandalwood and oudh oils will fill your nose as the powders are pressed together.

Once set, Goddess bath bomb is removed from its mould and passed on to be sprayed with a dusting of lustre (plastic free) to the outer layer of the bath bomb to ensure a truly sublime soak. Now it looks the part, the bath bomb is safely packed away to be delivered to your door.

From invention to manufacturing, each step is handmade with care and expertise so when it reaches your bathroom you truly can bathe like oudhess.

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